Where Do I Get Any Microsoft Programs Through My School Ultimate Medical Academy?

What programs do Ultimate Medical Academy offer?

Below is the list of online degree programs offered at Ultimate Medical Academy:

  • Health and Human Services.
  • Health Information Management.
  • Health Information Technology.
  • Health Sciences — Medical Administrative Assistant.
  • Health Sciences — Medical Office and Billing Specialist.
  • Health Sciences — Pharmacy Technician.

Is Ultimate Medical Academy legit?

UMA is a total scam raking in hundreds of millions in financial aid each year. They mostly prey on single minority moms with kids. Graduates from their programs would routinely tell us they couldn’t remember a SINGLE class they took.

Is Ultimate Medical Academy a nationally accredited school?

Ultimate Medical Academy is a nonprofit healthcare educational institution with a national presence. With more than 69,000 alumni, we are institutionally accredited by the Accrediting Bureau of Health Education Schools (ABHES).

Does UMA offer laptops?

If you have qualified to receive this laptop through the UMA Laptop Program, there is no additional cost to you. Still have more questions? We are happy to help.

What type of college is Ultimate Medical Academy?

Ultimate Medical Academy is a nonprofit healthcare educational institution with a national presence. For over 27 years, we’ve offered a comprehensive, accredited healthcare education.

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Can you take medical school online?

At this time, there are no online medical schools in the United States that will allow a person to become a full-fledged doctor or physician without ever stepping foot on campus. In order to earn an “M.D.” after your name, you will have to attend a traditional, campus-based medical school.

Are UMA credits transferable?

UMA does not guarantee transfer of credits from UMA to another institution or from another institution to UMA. All potential credits are reviewed on a case-by-case basis and accepted credits are awarded at the discretion of UMA. UMA reserves the right to limit the age of transferable credits.

Who owns Ultimate Medical Academy?

Thomas Rametta serves as President for Ultimate Medical Academy. UMA is a Tampa-based nonprofit healthcare educational institution with more than 14,000 students and more than 55,000 alumni nationwide.

Can you get a job with a non accredited degree?

You may not find a job in your profession Depending on the profession and the state you live in, you may have difficulty finding a job if your credential is from a non-accredited school or program. Some employers will not hire you unless you attended an accredited institution.

Is nationally accredited or regionally accredited better?

While there is a clear difference between regional and national accreditation, it does not necessarily mean that one is better than the other. Regionally accredited colleges are generally considered to be more elite than nationally accredited colleges, but it of course depends on what you want to study.

Is UMA a regionally accredited college?

We were unable to verify if Ultimate Medical Academy – Clearwater is “regionally accredited”. However, we do see that they are “nationally accredited”. Schools with this type of accreditation are predominantly for-profit and typically offer vocational, career or technical programs.

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Does Uma give refunds?

Refunds are issued to eligible students * no earlier than one week prior to the scheduled start date of UMA classes to assist students with educational expenses, including books. Refunds continue promptly throughout the semester as excess funds may be applied to the student account. Checks are not issued on campus.

What is an academic success grant?

The purpose of the Student Success Completion Grant is to provide students with additional financial aid to help offset the total cost of community college attendance, and to encourage full time attendance and successful on-time completion.

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