What Does Becoming An Academy School Mean?

What is the difference between an academy school and a normal school?

Academies are publicly funded schools which operate outside of local authority control. The government describes them as independent state-funded schools. A key difference is that they are funded directly by central government, instead of receiving their funds via a local authority.

Is an academy better than a school?

Comparing the most recent Ofsted grade of each type of school, converter academies are the most likely to be good and outstanding while sponsored academies are more likely than maintained schools to be graded requires improvement or inadequate.

What are the benefits of becoming an academy school?

But what are academies and what are the benefits of of this plan? The academies programme gives individual schools greater freedoms compared to local authority control. Being an academy gives schools the power to decide on the best curriculum for their pupils, determine how they spend their budgets, and much more.

Are school academies a good idea?

There’s no evidence that academies improve standards. In fact, there’s evidence that academies improve more slowly than state run schools and that council-run schools do better than academies. Two thirds of multi-academy trusts (MATs) have performed below the national average for disadvantaged pupils.

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Why do schools convert to academies?

Academies have more control over how they do things, for example they do not have to follow the national curriculum and can set their own term times. Some schools choose to become academies. If a school funded by the local authority is judged as ‘inadequate’ by Ofsted then it must become an academy.

Do academies get more money?

Academies receive their funding directly from the government, rather than through local authorities like other state funded schools. Evidence on the performance of academies compared to local authority schools is mixed, but on the whole suggests there is no substantial difference in performance.

Do academies pay teachers more?

Maintained secondary schools paid leadership teachers on average £64,415, slightly more than the £64,106 paid by academies. For classroom teachers, academies paid £37,356 and maintained schools £38,829. Leadership teachers did better in maintained schools, being paid £56,018 and those in academies £55,218.

Do academies get more funding?

Academies (including special academies) are funded on the same basis as maintained schools. However, unlike for maintained schools, funding allocations are: Paid directly to the trust by the Education and Skills Funding Agency (ESFA) Based on the academic, rather than financial, year.

Do academies get better results?

The figures suggest academies have no perceptible effect on pupils with high or low prior attainment, but may do slightly better with medium prior attainment pupils. In the latter group, 60.5 per cent of academy pupils achieved the benchmark, compared to 57.0 per cent in equivalent LA schools (see Figure 3, below).

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What are the disadvantages of free schools?


  • Social divide. 2 tier-system. Faith-based. Narrow views. Predjudices. Lack of social value.
  • Weakens local authority schools. Best students taken. Funding taken. Council loses power. Location. Opening.

What are the disadvantages of grammar schools?

Here are four reasons why grammar schools are a bad idea:

  • The evidence demonstrates that grammar schools undermine social mobility.
  • The evidence shows that grammar schools do not increase overall educational performance.

Are all schools becoming academies?

George Osborne announced in his budget speech on 16th March 2016 that all schools will be forced into becoming academies by 2022. This may sound like a long way down the road but by 2020 schools must have started or be already undergoing the conversion process.

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