Readers ask: What Famous Person Attended Valley Forge Military Academy?

What is Valley Forge Military Academy known for?

Though military in tradition and form, the high school portion of VFMAC, Valley Forge Military Academy, is a college preparatory boarding institution specializing in student leadership. Some graduates pursue careers in the armed services, and VFMAC has graduated one Rhodes Scholarship recipient.

How many students are at Valley Forge Military Academy?

Larry Fitzgerald as a Senior at Valley Forge Military Academy in Wayne, Pennsylvania, in 2002 and Larry Fitzgerald in 2012.

Is Valley Forge Military Academy a good school?

Valley Forge Military College has its ups and downs but it is overall a very good college especially with its security studies program. The professors care about your education in class and the military environment provides a well mannered and disciplined environment.

Where is the army military academy?

The United States Military Academy is located in West Point, N.Y., approximately 50 miles north of New York City on the Hudson River. The school, also known as USMA, West Point and Army, is the oldest of the country’s five federal service academies.

What county is Valley Forge Military Academy?

Valley Forge Military Academy is a private all-boy school in Radnor, a large suburb in Pennsylvania. 95 other private schools are located in Delaware County too, but very few – if any – are boarding schools like Valley Forge Military Academy is.

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What is the tuition for Valley Forge Military Academy?

Back when he was in high school, Fitz actually served as the ball boy for the Minnesota Vikings. That’s where he learned first-hand from guys like Cris Carter and Randy Moss.

Where did Larry Fitzgerald go to grade school?

Fitzgerald attended and played high school football at the Academy of Holy Angels in Richfield, Minnesota. While there, he was a two-time First-Team All-State wide receiver.

Why did Larry Fitzgerald go to Valley Forge?

Although he was a high school All-American with 73 catches for 1,254 yards and 17 touchdowns as a senior, Fitzgerald didn’t have the grades to get into college, so his parents sent him to Valley Forge.

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