Often asked: How To Get To Philippine Military Academy?

Is Philippine Military Academy free?

Being a PMA cadet gives an individual a noble privilege in serving the country. Upon admission to the Cadet Corps, Armed Forces of the Philippines, one is able to avail of a free college education with a well–rounded curriculum, as well as, receive monthly pay and allowances.

How much is the tuition fee in Philippine Military Academy?

Philippine Military Academy (PMA) Tuition Fees Structure for Freshers and Continuing Students 2021/2022 Academic Session. University of Santo Tomas (PMA) School fees is 52, 176 for Academic Session. Philippine Military Academy School fees schedule for Academic Session.

How long is Philippine Military Academy training?

The law formally created the Philippine Military Academy (PMA) and authorized it to confer a Bachelor of Science degree on its graduates after they successfully complete the four-year course.

Is PMA Baguio open?

As Baguio City will open for tourists from Region 1, the Philippine Military Academy (PMA) is exempted from the list of tourist destinations the tourists are allowed to visit. “We also know that PMA is also a tourist destination.

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How much is the salary of PMA cadet?

128 million will be in salaries and allowances of a cadet,” he said. He said next year, when the military pay scale will be fully implemented, a cadet will receive a monthly base pay of P14,538, plus P1,800 subsistence allowance, P400 clothing allowance and P120 in cost of living allowance.

What is the passing score in PMA?

PMA has set the passing score for all assessments in the system to 70%.

How do I apply for PMA 2021?

Apply through Mail

  1. Download the application form here: (PMA Entrance Exam Application Form).
  2. Submit the following along with your application form:
  3. Send your application to this address:
  4. Wait for the Office’s response to be sent to the email address that you have provided on your application form.

Are phones allowed in PMA?

Fourth class cadets are absolutely not allowed to have cell phones. The possession of cell phones by fourth class cadets has some Honor implications which may cause their separation from the Academy later on.

How do I get into PMA?

Am I Eligible? (PMA eligibility criteria)

  1. Intermediate or Equivalent. 17-22 Years.
  2. Graduates (2 years of graduation and Serving PN / PAF Personnel) 17-23 Years.
  3. Graduates with 4 years graduation program (BS / BA(Hon) / BBA / BPA) 17-24 Years.
  4. Serving Army Soldiers.

Is PMA a course?

The Philippine Military Academy, commonly known as PMA, is the officers training school of the Armed Forces of the Philippines. 3496, PMA was renamed to ‘Philippine Constabulary Academy’ during which time it lengthened its course from nine months to three years.

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Can you visit PMA?

Located at Fort Gegorio del Pilar on Loakan Road, visitors are welcome to explore the grounds, view the cadets performing their drills, and explore the PMA museum and walk around its manicured grounds to see vintage tanks and other historical military weapons.

How do I get into PMA Baguio?

How to be a PMA Cadet: Mail Application

  1. 2×2 ID picture with white background,
  2. PSA Birth Certificate (photocopy)
  3. Original/Certified True Copy and photocopy of ANY of the following: Senior High School Form 137 or 138 (with name and grade) Latest grade in Senior High School, if the applicant is currently in Grade 12.

Is PMA open for visitors?

PMA is open to the public daily from 8am to 5pm, except on days when security is heightened.

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